Activities-Services Rendered and Procedures

Main Functions of the Department are as follows:

1 To ensure availability of quality medicines in the state.
2 To regulate the manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs & cosmetics including homoeopathic drugs.
3 To detect spurious, adulterated and Sub-Standard drugs and Cosmetics and to prevent their sale.
4 To detect and prohibit manufacture & sale of banned drugs.
5 To prevent sales of drugs at excess price than permitted retail price.
6 To detect and prohibit false and misleading   advertisements of drugs for certain diseases and disorders.
7 To check the pilferage of drugs from Government hospitals & stores.
8 To ensure availability of essential drugs.
9 To control possession and  sale of certain poisons.
10 To regulate the manufacture of Ayurvedic drugs.
11 To ensure the availability of narcotic drugs in the management of Pain &    Palliative Cases.
12 To test and analyze quality of drugs in the Drugs Testing Laboratory.  

Various Services of the Department

Services Provided by Various Offices of the Department:

Head office:
Office of the Drugs Controller,
Red Cross Road,
Thiruvananthapuram 695035
Grant of licences and loan Licences for manufacture of Allopathic drugs,  Homeopathic Drugs, Ayurvedic Drugs, Cosmetics.

Grant of licences for  Blood Banks.

Recognition of Pain and Palliative Care Centres for      stocking  Oral Morphine Preparations.

Grant of Essentiality Certificates for Narcotic Drugs to  Hospitals.

Approval of Laboratories for carrying out tests of drugs/Cosmetics.

Issue of Certificates like GMP, Market Standing, COPNon-Conviction, Free Sale, Performance,Validity

Approval of Technical Staff in Manufacturing and   Testing Units.
Zonal Offices at
Kozhikkode and Kannur
Grant of Licences  for wholesale and retail sale of Allopathic, Homeopathic Medicines.

Grant of  Poison Licences, Poison Permits.

Allotment of Narcotic Drugs to hospitals.

Approval of Competent person for whole sale licenses.
District Offices of Drugs Inspectors Endorsement of the name of Registered Pharmacist in Drug Licences.