While we had a few herbal medicines in the past, now we have drugs for most of the diseases, and Pharmaceutical sciences are always in the process of inventing new drugs and new drug delivery systems.


Common man does not have a choice in the case of drugs.  He does not know the quality or the details of the content of a capsule or tablet. The ignorance about drugs causes a lot of doubts regarding the quality of drugs among the public. Media also celebrates, as it adds news value.


We, the Drugs Control Department, would like to assure you that the drugs you consume are of Standard Quality. Enforcement officers are always alert and you can be confident that there are no spurious drugs in our market. Kerala does not have problems of hoarding or black-marketing of drugs or sales of drugs at higher prices than legally permitted. Any complaints in this regard can be given to the Department.


It’s the bounden duty of the manufacturer to see that each drug is tested and found to be of standard quality before it’s released into market. They have to keep all records for the manufacturer, test and sales of all drugs. The Drugs Inspectors periodically inspect the premises and assures that the conditions of licence are satisfied. The legal requirements for manufature of drugs in India are in tune with the WHO specifications. The drug industry in India is advanced so much and it has become the hub of world pharmaceutical market. Most of the allegations against spurious drug are baseless and ultimately leads towards tarnishing Indian drugs.


Of course there is exploitation in the prices of drugs. The public has to bear the margin for the trade and the amount spent for making a prescription which is much higher than the cost of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Not all drugs are price controlled. We are ensuring that the drugs are not sold in excess of the retail price printed on the label. The ceiling price of drugs is fixed by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority under the Government of India and the State Government has no role in it.


At present there is no effective law to curb this.  This has come to the notice of the Government and soon we may expect some remedial measures.

It is reported that kerala having 3% of the population of the country consumes more than 10% of drugs marketed in the country. This higher consumption average of drugs does impart its own deleterious impacts on the health of the public. Drugs are to be consumed only in essential circumstances only under medical supervision/advice, so that untoward effects, drugs-drug interactions, drugs- food interactions, adverse drug reactions etc. can be minimised.
Department is responsible for the availability of quality drugs at permitted price in the market. The use or misuse of drugs by individuals are not within the purview o f the Department. Kerala is one of the very few states where organised crimes in the manufacture/marketing of spurious drugs are not reported in the country. Our doors are open, any citizen can inform our officers any illegal business in this sector. Health of the public is our motto.

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