The Drugs Testing Laboratory is the testing wing of the Department . This Laboratory tests the samples of Allopathic, Homeopathic & Ayurvedic Drugs and cosmetics sent for analysis. Samples are drawn by the Drugs Inspectors and Regional Drugs Inspectors from the market and manufacturing premises at random, and sent to the Drugs Testing Laboratory. Besides these, samples from consumers are also analysed on payment of requisite fees. This is done by


(i) Allocating the samples received in the concerned section depending on the tests to be performed in the Labortaory
(ii)Reporting the tests and results, in the prescribed form and forwarding it to the concerned drugs inspector & Regional Drugs Inspector in Form 13 of D & C Rules 1945. (In case of Ayurvedic / Siddha / Unani Samples – Form 13A )
(iii)Sending the Sample Reports to the Private Parties in case of Private Samples in Form 14B.

Documents to be submitted for testing of Drug Samples from Private Parties :


1) Application in Form 14A

2) Original Copy of Treasury Chalan after remitting requisite fee


*List of Samples Declared as Not of Standard Quality: